A-1 Calls – Cambridge Daytime Club
CALL – Suggested Teach Order Taught Reviewed Variations
Belles and Beaus (facing same direction only)
Brace Thru¬† (formerly “Half Breed Thru”)
Cross Trail Thru
Triple Trade
Triple Scoot
Grand Follow Your Neighbor
Quarter Thru
Wheel Thru
Turn and Deal (lines only)
Pass In/Out
Chain Reaction ( 1/4 tag only)
Right (Left) Roll To A Wave
Cast A Shadow
Six – Two Acey Deucey
Clover and (Anything)
Turn and Deal (Waves)
Quarter In/Out
Cross Over Circulate ( 2 Faced Lines)
Partner Tag
Partner Hinge
Horseshoe Turn
Pass The Sea
Split Square Thru
Step & Slide
Transfer The Column
Cross Over Circulate (Waves)
Swap Around
Explode The Line
AS Couples Concept
Ends Bend
Square Chain Thru
Scoot and Dodge
Double Star Thru
Left Wheel Thru
(Anything) and Cross
Cross ( Named Dancers)
Fractional Tops
Three Quarter Thru
Triple Star Thru
Cycle and Wheel
Grand Quarter Thru
Grand Three Quarter Thru
Explode and (Anything)
Pair Off
Reverse Swap Around
Cross Clover and (Anything)
Any Hand Concept
Split Square Chain Thru