Dances We Have Taught
Dance Name Choreographer Rhythm Phase Month
I’m Here For A Good Time La Bau Twostep 2 Mar-T&D
Play Me the Waltz Of The Angels Beaulieu Waltz 2+1 Feb-SWOSDA
Baila Con Migo Watanabe Cha 3+1 Feb-2017
The Flower Beaulieu Waltz 3+2 Feb-2017
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Francis Twostep 2+1 Feb-2017
Won’t You Foxtrot Molitoris Foxtrot 3+2 Jan-2017


Christmas Is Here Again Dobbs/Gordon Waltz 2+1 Dec-2016
Frozen Waltz Yoshikawa Waltz 3+1+1 Nov-2016
Orient Express III Gatchell Foxtrot 3+2 Nov-2016
One Waltz With You Paull Waltz 2+1 Nov-2016
Tres Palabres Cunningham Rumba 3+2 Oct-2016
Near You Callen Foxtrot 3+2 Oct-2016
Love Is A Beautiful Song Nickel Waltz 2+1 Oct-2016
Accentuate The Positive Beaulieu Twostep 2+1 Sept-2016
Take One Step Lehnert Twostep 2 June-2016
Grecia’s Waltz III Callen Waltz 3+2 June-2016
Play A Simple Melody Watanabe Twostep 2 May-2016
Heart II Chadd Waltz 2 May-2016
Come Go With Me Watanabe Twostep 2+2 May-2016
Sweet Like Cola Hayami Cha 3+1 Apr-2016
Things Healea Twostep 2 Apr-2016
Around The World Parker Waltz 3+1 March Madness 2016
I Won’t Send Roses Buck Rumba 3+2 March Madness 2016
Harbor Lights Baldwin Foxtrot 3+2 March Madness 2016
Eskimo Tango Molitoris Tango 3+2 March Madness 2016
Sweet and Lovely Jive Nelson Jive 3+2 March Madness 2016
You’re The One Seurer Cha 3+2 March Madness 2016
Say it Again Woolcock Twostep 2+1 Mar-2016
The Things We Did Last Summer Baldwin Waltz 3+1 Mar-2016
Memory Maker Hichman Twostep 2 Feb-2016
Citadel Stomp Pinks Twostep 2 Feb-2016
Hear My Song Woolcock Rumba 3+2 Jan-2016
Hawaii Beach Healea Twostep 2+2 Jan-2016
Green Waves II Parker Waltz 2+1+1 Jan-2016-SWOSDA ROM
Mambo Bamboo Barton Mambo 3+2 Jan-2016-Mambo Clinic
Lilly Parker Mambo 3+1 Jan-2016-Mambo Clinic


After Winter Kenny Waltz 3 Dec-2015
What a Merry Christmas This Could Be Hichman Twostep 2 Dec-2015
Splish Splash Dunn Twostep 2 Nov-2015
All Shook Up Becker Twostep 2 Nov-2015
I Got Rhythm Watanabe Foxtrot 3+1 Nov-2015
Rainbow Connection II Watanabe Waltz 2 Nov-2015
Transylvania Twist Chico TS 2 Oct-2015
Monster Mash Seurer TS 2 Oct-2015
Could I Have This Dance Eddins W 2 Oct-2015-Waterloo C&D
Buttercup Twostep Seurer TS 2 Oct-2015
Makin’ Whoopee! Watanabe Foxtrot 3 Oct-2015
It’s All In The Game Healea Waltz 2 Sept-2015
It’s De Lovely Ackerman Twostep 2 Sept-2015
In A Letter To You Priest Twostep 2 Class Teach  2014/2015
He’s So Fine Priest 5 Count 2+1 Jun-2015
Street Of Laredo Watanabe Waltz 2+1+1U Jun-2015
Happy Anniversary Priest Waltz 2 Class Teach  2014/2015
Red Roses Twostep Priest Twostep 2 Class Teach  2014/2015
Dance With The One Who Brought You Koozer Twostep 2 May-2015
Stars Over Texas Becker Waltz 3+2 May-2015
Oh You Beautiful Doll Priest Twostep 2 Class Teach  2014/2015
Bicycle Waltz Woolcock Waltz 2+1 Apr-2015
Nocturne Yamashita Waltz 3+2 Apr-2015
Hush Croft/de Zordo Twostep 2 Apr-2015
Last Cheater’s Waltz II Priest Waltz 2+2 Mar-2015
Big Man Jive Molitoris /Gareis Jive 3+1 March Madness-2015
Love Cha III Elaisson Cha Cha 3+1 March Madness-2015
Richest Man On Earth Woolcock Foxtrot 3+2 March Madness-2015
Whenever You Come Back To Me Woolcock Rumba 3+2 March Madness-2015
Silence Parker Waltz 3 March Madness-2015
Fumando Espero Ross Tango 3+1U March Madness-2015
One Heartache At A Time Ahart Twostep 2+2 Mar-2015
She’s A Lady Aoyama Cha Cha 3+1 Feb-2015
You Are Love Waltz Buckmaster/Reigel Waltz 2+1U Feb-2015
Twinkle Waltz Buckmaster/Reigel Waltz 2+1U Feb-2015
Rose Room Carver Foxtrot 3+2 Feb-2015
Memories Waltz II Sperry Waltz 2+2+1U Jan-2015
Rooney Woolcock Twostep 2 Jan-2015


Christmas At Our House 3 Priest Waltz 3 Dec-2014
Pink Panther Cha Byrd Cha Cha 4 Gala-Nov-2014
Pretty Paper Eddins Waltz 2+2 Nov-2014
Paper Kisses Parker Twostep 2 Nov-2014
Pink Panther Cha III Byrd Cha 3+1 Nov-2014
Blueside of Lonesome Callen Waltz 3 Oct-2014
Sweet Petite Seurer Twostep 2+1 Oct-2014
Drinking Champagne Baldwin FT/J 3+1 Oct-FT/J Clinic-2014
Charmaine Paull FT/J 3+2 Oct-FT/J Clinic-2014
All I Got Dodge FT/J 3 Oct-FT/J Clinic-2014
Music Box Dancer Koozer FT/J 3 Oct-FT/J Clinic-2014
Rumba Of Love Barton Rumba 3 Oct-2014
Prairie Moon Gloodt Waltz 2+1U Sept-2014
That’s Where I Belong Ito Twostep 2 Sept-2014
Five Minutes More Seurer Twostep 2+1 Apr-2014
Ding Dong Mambo Collipi Mambo 4 Apr-2014
Mambo Gelato Cibula Mambo 3+1 Apr-2014
Then He Kissed Me Meyer Twostep 2+2 Apr-2014
Papa Loves Mambo Bennett Twostep 2+1 Apr-2014
I Love You Because Hilton Foxtrot 3+2 Mar-2014
The Story of My Life Gloodt Twostep 2 Mar-2014
Manuela Rumble Waltz 4 Mar-2014
Autumn Nocturne McGlynn Waltz 4 Mar-2014
Desert Song Leach Waltz 4 Mar-2014
Nocturne Yamashita Waltz 3+2 Mar-2014
Serenade to Spring Schultz Waltz 2 Mar-2014
Phil the Fluter’s Ball Maguire Twostep 2 Mar-2014
Amafidia Heath Rumba 3+1 Feb-2014
Tango in the Moonlight Priest Tango 3 Jan-2014
Tango El Rico Priest Tango 3 Jan-2014
San Francisco Bay Speidel Twostep 2+2 Jan-2014


Aspenglow III Priest Waltz 3+1 Dec-2013
Christmas At Our House Woodruff Waltz 2+2 Nov-2013
Around the World Paull Waltz 2+1 Nov-2013
El Pato Loco Jaworski Tango 3 Nov-2013
For Sentimental Reasons Betzelberger Foxtrot 3+2 Nov-2013
May Each Day Hixson Waltz 3 Nov-2013
Tide is High Cha Seurer Cha 3+2 Nov-2013
Crying Maguire Rumba 4 Nov-2013
When I Take My Sugar To Tea Gotta Jive 3+1 Nov-2013
Strutters Ball Tracy Twostep 2 Nov-2013
Tennessee Cha Carmen Cha 3+1 Oct-2013
Pretty Bubbles Waltz Sanders Waltz 2+1 Oct-2013
I Saw Linda Yesterday Brown/Cooley Twostep 2+2 Oct-2013
Forsaking All Others Priest Foxtrot 3 Sept-2013
Lilac Time Auria Waltz 2+1 May-2013
Old Fashioned Love Cody Twostep 2 Apr-2013
Fascination Crapo Waltz 4 Apr-2013
Calcutta Byrd Twostep 2 Mar-2013
Baby (You’ve Got What it Takes) Parker Jive 3+1 Mar-2013
Un Tango Del Cuore Schmidt Tango 3+2 Mar-2013
Oh What A Night Seurer Cha 3 Mar-2013
Puppet On A String Watanabe Foxtrot 3+2 Mar-2013
Goodbye Rumba (Arrividerci Roma) Powell/Brosie Rumba 3+2 Mar-2013
Plaisir D’Amour Maquire Waltz 3+2 Mar-2013
My Donegal Shore Unknown Waltz 2 Mar-2013
You Butterfly Wolff Twostep 2 Mar-2013
Sunday Afternoon Taylor Twostep 2 Feb-2013
One More Time Metzger Twostep 2 Feb-2013
Ding Dong Mambo Collipi Mambo 4 Feb-2013
Mambo Italiano Paull Mambo 3+1 Feb-2013
Pienso En Ti Ross Mambo 3 Feb-2013
Moon River II Tani Waltz 2+1 Jan-2013
Broken Hearted Melody Gilder/Trankel Twostep 2+2 Jan-2013
No News Is Good News Woolcock Waltz 2 Jan-2013


Christmas Bride Seurer Waltz 3+1 Dec-2012
Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers Priest Twostep 2 Nov-2012
Axel F Mathewson Cha Cha 3+1 Nov-2012
I’m Gonna Sit Right Down Anderson Twostep 2+1 Nov-2012
My Cup Runnetb Over Oliver Waltz 2+U Oct-2012
Almost Like Being In Love Slater Twostep 2+1 Oct-2012
The Shadow Of  Smile Aoyama Rumba 3 Oct-2012
Girl From Ipanema Seurer Twostep 2+1 Sep-2012
Loveland Waltz Sanders Waltz 2 Sep-2012