30 Call Relaxed 2 Couple Symmetrical Dancing

NOTE: This is NOT a CALLERLAB Program! … This is simply 30 Calls I have picked to create some relaxed dancing with some great variety.

Taminations is a Great Resource – Click the Call Name and View the Action

Do Sa Do
Pass Thru
Wheel Around / Reverse Wheel Around
U Turn Back
Star Thru
California Twirl
Ladies Chain
Reverse Flutterwheel
Right and Left Thru
Grand Square
Right or Left Hand Stars
Veer Left / Veer Right
Bend The Line
Swing Thru / Left Swing Thru
Run (Boys, Girls, Ends, Centres)
Pass The Ocean
Touch 1/4 / Hinge
Trades (Boys, Girls, Ends, Centres, Partner)
Cross Run
Half Sashay
Chain Down The Line (On Taminations go to the bottom of the page)
Sweep 1/4 More
Lead Right / Lead Left
Square Thru / Left Square Thru (2, 3 or 4)
Wheel and Deal
Walk and Dodge
Scoot Back