Andrea started cueing in 1999. Since that time she has become a very popular cuer who cues for dances and clubs in Canada and the United States. She is well known for her vocal clarity and her exceptional timing and cueing.

In the summer of 1999 Andrea took a T & D Cuers Clinic at Brock University, under the direction of Ray & Ivy Hutchinson.

During the following summers, when their schedule allowed, Andrea and Jeff round danced with Bob & Betty Beck. Bob has been a great mentor to Andrea and often asked her to cue at his summer dances. (which she thoroughly enjoyed)

In July 2001 Andrea attended the “East Coast Cuers College” in Salem, New Hampshire with Ralph & Joan Collipi & Barbara & Wayne Blackford  – Photo. This education has helped to enhance her teaching skills and give her the opportunity to unfold her abilities as a Round Dance Cuer.

Andrea has become a popular cuer in a very short period of time. In addition to being booked on the Jubilee Round Dance Festival, she has also been booked on several Square & Round dance festivals as the staff round dance cuer (with and without Jeff as a staff caller) performing the teaches, round dance parties and cueing rounds between the squares, Andrea also cues for Camp and Dance weekends.

Andrea and her husband Jeff ran Dudes ‘n Dolls Square Dance club in Toronto, which celebrated its 40th anniversary in November 2006, Jeff called and Andrea cued rounds. The Dudes ‘n Dolls ceased dance activities in December 2008. They also call and cue for the Royal City Squares in Guelph, since 1993, which is a Plus Teach club.  In addition, in 2006 they started “Jubilee Rounds” in St. Jacobs, which has become the largest Round Dance Club in Southwestern Ontario.  Jubilee dances Ph: II / III and introduces new dancers at least every 2 years.

Andrea really enjoys the rounds and it has been said that she is a “natural”.  She has superb teaching skills and along with her excellent timing and voice clarity she is a pleasure to dance to.

Andrea also runs special Round Dance Clinic Days for both new and experienced dancers. These days usually concentrate of teaching a specific rhythm.  See our One Day Specials page

Since 1977 Andrea and Jeff, have served ten terms on the Toronto and District Square and Round Dance Association Inc. executive in various capacities including Presidents for 98-99 & 99-2000 dance seasons. Jeff and Andrea continue to serve as program Chaircouple on the T & D Convention Committee and have held that position since 1994. They also serve as Business Managers for the Convention and have done since 2001. Andrea has successfully organized and run two fashion shows for the T & D’s Conventions.

During the mid 80’s Andrea and Jeff were instrumental in organizing a dance-a-thon for the Jerry Lewis MD Telethon held on Labour Day weekend. This dance was part of the Telethon for five years and Jeff and Andrea worked on the committee and participated in the dance for all five years.

Andrea and Jeff became members of the South Western Ontario Square and Round Dance Association (SWOSDA) in 1992 when they moved to Brantford. They are active members and volunteer to cue/call at the monthly dances as much as their schedule allows. Recently they have become directors on the executive and have assumed the responsibility of booking callers and preparing the schedule for the monthly dances. They also held the position of program Chaircouple for the 2008 Canadian National held in London, Ontario and hosted by SWOSDA.

Andrea and Jeff have been very honoured to be Staff Escorts for Hays Travel Inc. They are really looking forward their European Trip in June 2005. They have also enjoyed escorting two trips to Portugal in 2001 and 2003. . Hay’s know Square Dancers and how to spoil them! 

The Priests reside in Brantford, Ontario.

Two of their four sons square dance (one, Mike, has even tried his hand at calling and took a Callers Clinic in 1999)  The boys hope they will find the joy and friendships that their parents have found in square dancing – either calling or dancing

Be sure to dance to Andrea when she is in your area – you will enjoy yourself!  If one of our clinics fits your schedule, be sure to come join us…